I started freelance activities under the name of GREEN in May 2009. I now find myself in the 10th year of activities. This 10-year journey on a winding and uneven road has been fun (and hard). As freelancers are increasing due to the boom of independent business opening, the following statistics are shown.


Number of years of operation and survival rate of sole proprietorships

*1st year of operation: 73% survival rate 

*3rd year of operation: 38% survival rate 

*10th year of operation: 12% survival rate 

Source: Statistical Survey of White Paper on Small and Medium Enterprises in Japan


These statistical results are shocking, right? It is said that there are many people who fail in starting a business, shoulder a large debt, and lose their home and family. With no academic background or skills, I was devoted to my band activities and skateboarding, and during my 20s, I ended up roaming around abroad to escape the emptiness of reality. Looking back on myself, it seems like a miracle to have come to have made it this far during these 10 years. So then, why did this miracle occur? Although I do not possess anything special, there is one thing that I can boast about. That is having the "luck" to meet wonderful people. I am convinced that it is because of this “luck” that I can take on various challenges, change pain to enjoyment, and live in an interesting way. I have met many wonderful people in the last 10 years. There is no doubt that experiences receiving praise, criticism, support, and what I have learned from these experiences form signposts that have allowed me to currently walk on this path.


Finally. I would like to express my gratitude to the wonderful people who I have met so far, music-related friends, biking friends, skateboarding friends, seniors and juniors from my local community, Isozaki, a partner with whom I can really talk about our dreams, and my wife and children who have always allowed me to live in the way that I like and who have supported me, and I will continue to press on this winding and uneven road with while having fun (and experiencing hardships)!

Yuki Kusano (GREEN)
Art Direction / Graphic Design


F5, 2-15-2 Oroshimachi, Wakabayashi,

Sendai, Miyagi, 984-0015, Japan

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